System for larger shaded areas: max. width 236in. / max. extension 225in.. Columns from brushed stainless steel, choice of rounded 2 1/2in. or square 2 1/2in. x 2 1/2in..  Can be mounted onto walls or railings. 

SHADE shadow systems combines the elegant and light design of a sun sail with all the advantages of a more complicated awning system. SHADE harmonises with the architecture of every building and adds a visual highlight to every facade with its minimalist design and free- floating sail membrane

Fully enclosed cassette awnings provide protection for the fabric and hardware when not in use.  Additionally providing an architectural aesthetic to compliment you home.

Qubica Plumb - fully enclosed square cassette

Perfect style and design combination: vertical dimension and reduced overall dimensions are the main features of this motorized model.

Palmiye - fully enclosed oval shaped cassette

With it's elegant shade and finish and optional vertical shade this awning is the perfect solution you

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