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Our New Quick Look Brochure, featuring a selection of over 40  products we offer !
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Renson Outdoor Living Systems

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Camargue Pergola System w/ LED Lighting, Cedar Panels

Camargue Pergola System

Camargue Pergola System w/ LED Lighting, Solar Drop Shade

Camargue w/Lineo LED lighting

Camargue Pergola System w/ LED Lighting, Solar Drop Shade & Cedar Panels

Ellice Pergola System

Ellice w/ lineo LED Lighting

Existing Roof Opening

Ellice Pergola System

Algarve Roof within Roof Opening

LaPure Retractable Shade System

Sketch of Proposed Project

Renson Exterior Shading Systems

Zip Shades, Vertical application

Slide-Fix, Horizonal application

Slide-Fix2, Horizonal application

Markilux Retactable Shading Systems

Markant Pergola 

Markant Pergola w/LED lighting 


Pergola Compact w/ Vertical Shade

Syncra2- Freestanding System

SyncraUno- Freestanding System


Planet- Freestanding System (rotating)

M930- Balcony Application



M770/870 - Overglass

M990 - Cassette 

M990 -  Partially Extended

M990 -  Fully Extended

M3300 - Square Cassette Extended

MX-1 Compact - Fully Extended

M3300 -  Soffit Mount, Fully Extended


Who We Are:

Suntanium Shading Products is a full-service company collaborating with Architects, Landscape Designers, Contractors and Homeowners from Project Conception through installation.  Offering innovative retracting awning and Pergola systems manufactured in Europe


Suntanium Shading Products, LLC

Palm Springs, CA 92262

760 333-2370


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